We supported a powerful force in their field and generate a good quality product with competitive prices.
Customer satisfaction is our obligation.

  • 2nd Hand Reefers for Rental or Sales

    Used Reefers for Rental or Sales

    We provide used reefers in 10 or 20 footers, certificated for short or long term rental and also for sale

  • Repair and Maintenance

    Repair and Maintenance

    Since 1999, we have professionally developed our Maintenance Department that is fully responsible for repair and maintenance services.

    We offer the best solution to help you in repair and maintenance of cooling system machinery such as Cold Storage, Air Blast Freezer, Reefer Container, Air Conditioner, Central Air Conditioner, Refrigeration Truck, etc. We also provide PTI (Pre Trip Inspection) especially for our Reefer Container products.

    We are ready to provide any repair and maintenance services on economical budget to smooth your daily operations, at your work location or in remote areas.

  • Any Type of Portacamp

    Any Type of Portacamp

    We are ready to provide you with any type of Portacamp, which are made from 20 or 40 footers Dry Containers. The type of Portacamp includes Dining Portacamp, Bedroom Portacamp, Musholla Portacamp, Toilet & Shower Portacamp, Storage Portacamp, Office Portacamp, Lab Portacamp or custom design as needed.