Office Portacamp

Container modification for Office Portacamp made from 20 Feet or 40 Feet Dry Container. Constructed with glasswoll insulation, using melamine or GRC Board for walls. Vinyl or ceramic floors. Galvanized or aluminum doors. Aluminum windows either sliding or swing. Equipped with air conditioner. And also our manufacture design can be made in accordance with the order and needs.

Our objective is changing from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance.

Reefer Container

We provide reefer container for rental or sale and lease, modified from 10 feet and 20 feet reefer containers, complete with certificate if needed.

Portacamp Unit

We create various types of portacamp using 20 feet and 40 feet dry containers with all the necessary materials and parts into : Kitchen Portacamp, Dining Room Portacamp, Bed Room Portacamp, Mushola (Prayer Room) Portacamp, Toilet (Ablution) & Shower Portacamp, Storage Portacamp, Office Portacamp, Lab Portacamp, Multipurpose Portacamp, etc.

Each unit can be equipped by the necessary equipment. The design can be made in accordance with the order and needs.

Repair and Maintenance

Our objectives are changing from corrective maintenance to preventive maintenance.

  • Corrective Maintenance
    • Breakdown Maintenance : Repairing, overhaul, reprocessing or replacement of part of equipment.
    • Detective Maintenance : Inspection to equipments condition for any cognizant or non cognizant failures which requires replacement.
    • Emergency : Jobs that need immediate handling or repairs, since they can cause accident or damage.
  • Proactive Maintenance
    • Preventive Maintenance : Jobs to prevent equipment defects (Regular inspection, cleaning, lubrications, adjustment, calibration and minor part replacement, etc.)
    • Fixed Time : Decreased operational loss time.
    • Predictive Maintenance (Condition Base Monitoring) : Inspection for cognizant equipment condition (checking of kitchen equipment, vehicle, cold storage, pre trip inspection for reefer container, daily monitoring of cold storage, etc.)